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About Us

Fuzzy Dice, Princeton's (Self-Proclaimed) Most Attractive Improv Group, was founded in 2004 as the first troupe on campus to offer both long- and short-form improv. Since then, Fuzzy Dice has performed at campuses and theaters all across the US. With a "work hard, play hard" mentality, the members of Fuzzy Dice don't just perform great improv but also have a lot of fun doing it.

Get at us, you'll enjoy the ride.

* Learn more about Fuzzy Dice in our Daily Princetonian feature! Fuzzy Dice: An Improv Family *
* or check out our cover story: Funny People: Fuzzy Dice *



We love our alumni! If you're an alumnus/a email Lowell to make sure you're on our mailing list.

2006: David Kaplan*
2008: Will Ellerbe*, George Lace*, Alex Limpaecher*, Mark Bur, Paul Cowgill, Whitney Mosery
2009: Ashley Alexander, Annie Haslam Colquitt
2010: Jessica Taylor
2011: Sam Borchard, Kaitlyn Hamilton, Will Martinez
2012: Louisa Ferguson, Laura Pedersen, Max Rosmarin, Taylor Stewart-Cannon, Eric Wang
2013: LindseyRose Aguero-Sinclair
2014: Nigel Brauser, Lauren Coleman, Sara Figel, Sam Payne, Quintin Sally, Dillon Sharp, Dan Steurer
2015: Kelsea Best, Evan Coles
2016: Angad Anand, Justin "Japes" Poser
2017: Paulina Orillac
2016: Paddy Boroughs, Jessica Quinter, Cat Sharp

Fan Gear


Hey Class of 2022! Want to be a Fuzzy Die? Come audition!

We're super excited to meet all of you really soon! If you're interested in auditioning, you can sign up now!

Our 2018 auditions are being held September 17th-18th 4:30-10:30pm. Callbacks on the 19th.

Auditions are super fun and just consist of playing improv games (some of which you may have seen in our shows)! Also, don't worry, you won't be auditioning alone. There will be several other auditionees who you'll be playing with, and maybe a few Dice.

Never improvised before? No problem! More than half our members never did improv before coming to Princeton.

Sign up for auditions here!

Frosh Week Events:

Friday 9/14 10-11pm
Friday 9/15 8-9pm & 10-11pm
Frist Theatre
Activities Fair
Friday 9/14
12pm - 3pm
Dillon Gym
Mon 9/17 & Tues 9/18
By timeslot
Bloomberg 50

Any other questions? Shoot us an email at the address below!

Let's Get in Touch

Any and all questions including booking Fuzzy Dice for an event, auditions, kitten sales, or plans for world domination can be sent to the email below. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to hear about upcoming shows and free ticket giveaways! We look forward to hearing from you!